Health is your birthright! 

It's time to fight for it

Fierce Wellness Academy 

A 10 week interactive experience designed to help you transform your body & mindset and take back your health

Starts 16th April, 2018

  • Do you find yourself thinking these thoughts?

  • Why can't I stop emotional eating and self sabotaging no matter how hard I try?
  • I know what to do but for some reason I just can't get myself to do it consistently
  • Why do I feel like I'm on the only person out there with zero willpower and mental strength to even get through the day? 
  • I've tried every diet, program, fad, and "miracle" wellness solution in hopes that it will work for me, why hasn't it? 
  • I feel like I am constantly wondering what the heck healthy eating even means anymore  
  • Why do I always feel like I’m on and off this healthy eating wagon? 

  • I just feel STUCK 

Introducing Fierce Wellness Academy 

For women who want to live life to the fullest and reclaim their body and mind

10 weeks to transform your health and fight for what is yours

This program will get you on the right track to changing your relationship with food and your body for life! 

In Fierce Wellness Academy we cover 5 core pillars, which lead to HEALTH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS


10 weeks of delicious, healthy, filling recipes & education on what truly consistutes healthy 


How to get your emotions, mindset and health to start working together so you can have the life you truly desire

Self Care

How the way we treat ourselves is the key to unlocking the body & health of our dreams


How toxins in our body and in our homes keep us in a state of dis-ease


Finding exercise that you love that doesn't feel like torture!

Here’s the thing: Food IS medicine

Put the right foods in your body and take out the crap and you heal. That’s how our bodies are designed BUT what about the fact that NO-ONE seems to be able to be consistent with it? 

It feels like wherever we turn everyone is starting again on Monday (for the 50th time), waiting for January 1st or getting back on the wagon after falling off countless times before.  

But hey, what if we could just THROW THE WAGON OUT THE WINDOW and try a different approach?

One that sticks, one that is tried and tested and one that works?  

Fierce Wellness Academy covers everything you need to develop a totally new relationship with food and your body for LIFE

If you change your mindset AND your nutrition, you can change your body, your health and your life

  •  Say goodbye to emotional eating  
  •  Banish yo-yo dieting from your life  
  •  Have energy that makes you feel like a kid again  
  • Feel proud of what you see in your reflection and how you feel
  • Discover how your body will feel when it's not loaded with toxins, inflammation and all that extra baggage you don't need 
  • Understand how food is not only affecting your body but your emotions and mind 
  • Rewire your brain and fix your relationship with food
  • Experience what food freedom REALLY looks like so you can weigh whatever the heck you want to!
  • See how your mind is stopping you from getting you the results you want
  • Figure out once and for all what foods work for YOUR body
  • Eat in a way that means you never have to calorie count again
  • Deal with cravings 

What you get when you sign up:

Weekly training videos – learn the exact steps you need to take to transform your health from mediocre to extraordinary (£1000 value)

● Weekly group coaching calls (delivered via Zoom) – the chance to ask any questions directly to Amanda and be coached on your specific issues. In these sessions we will uncover what is holding you back in your health and mindset and what changes need to be made to see the results you want (£1000 value)

Delicious and quick Vegetarian and Omnivore recipes -each with 10 weeks of suggested meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you! (£500 value)

Private Facebook Group – This will be where we all hang out together and see transformation. The support of a small community of women, ready to encourage and be there for one another on this journey will change your life (value - priceless!)

The value of Fierce Wellness Academy is over £3,000 but your investment is only:

 Starts 16th April, 2018

 Go into the New Year knowing that you are FINALLY going to transform your health and mindset for good, be part of a community of women ready to support you and have me as your coach to see you through the whole process  

What qualifies me to give you advice?

I have been where you are! 

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, glandular fever, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorder and was 25 pounds overweight before I was 21! I healed myself from every single health condition by changing what I eat and how I think. 

I then trained to become a Certified Health Coach to pay it forward. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and am currently studying a diploma in Naturopathy. I know what it took to transform my health and I can help you do the same 

Amanda x 

“After working with Amanda, for the first time ever, I actually want change in my life."

Claudette J.

"I learned that what I truly wanted was to love myself and my body. To have that shift in my mindset was worth gold!"

Shonda P.